Martin County Bar Association

The MCBA is a Voluntary Bar Association dedicated to serving Martin County’s legal community and legal needs.


Guest Speaker

CLE Course #

August 21, 2009
Florida Representative,
William D. Snyder
September 18, 2009
Constitution Week Celebration with
Honorable Alan Orantes Forst and Chief Judge Robert M. Gross
October 16, 2009
Marsha Ewing, Martin County
Clerk of Court
November 20, 2009

Cathleen Scott, Member of the Executive Council of the Florida Bar Labor & Employment Law Section

December 18, 2009
Florida Supreme Court
Justice Jorge Labarga
January 15, 2010
Senator Joseph Negron
February 19, 2010

Florida Bar President, Jesse H. Diner and Florida Bar Foundation
President, Adele Stone
Sponsor: In Plain View
Investigation Agency, LLC

March 18, 2010

University of Florida Levin College
of Law, Dean Robert Jerry
Sponsor: Bank Atlantic

April 16, 2010

Leon Abood
Chairman of the Rivers Coalition

August 20, 2010
Florida 4th District Court of Appeal, Chief Judge Robert M. Gross
September 17, 2010

Kenneth H. P. Bryk, Branch Staff Counsel of the Florida Bar

October 15, 2010

Bench-Bar Program

November 19, 2010

Florida 4th District Court of Appeal, Judge Jonathan D. Gerber

December 17, 2010

Gregory G. Katsas, Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General of
the United States

January 21, 2011

Florida 19th Circuit,
Chief Judge Steven Levin

The MCBA Thanks WestLaw For Sponsoring This Meeting

February 18, 2011

Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation Development Manager, Wes Bishop

March 18, 2011

Florida Bar President,
Mayanne Downs

The MCBA Thanks FAWL For Co-Sponsoring This Meeting

April 15, 2011

Florida Supreme Court Justice,
Barbara J. Pariente

May  20, 2011

Florida Supreme Court
Chief Justice Charles T. Canady

The MCBA Thanks WestLaw For Sponsoring This Meeting

August 19, 2011

Joseph Negron

92391 – Please note this course is 1 General CLE credit only – no Ethics credit

September 16, 2011

Cammie Hauser

12182- Contact Cammie Hauser at for more information.

October 21, 2011

Fred Cunningham,
Florida Justice Association

19042 – For questions, contact Fred Cunningham at:
November 18, 2011

Florida Bar President, Scott Hawkins


For more information about mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters, contact Kara Justi at 561-727-3450 or visit

December 16, 2011

Speaker: Roundtable Discussion of Issues Affecting the Practice of Law in Martin County

The MCBA Thanks Comerica Wealth Management  For Co-Sponsoring This Meeting

January 20, 2012

Speaker: Gregory G. Katsas, Topic: Obamacare Litigation

The MCBA Thanks Comerica Wealth Management  For Co-Sponsoring This Meeting

February 17, 2012
11:45AM – 2:00PM

Speaker: Professionalism Bench-Bar Meeting

March 16, 2012

Speaker: Steven W. Teppler, Esq. Topic: Social Media For Lawyers

The MCBA Thanks Comerica Wealth Management and Frank White – Boyd, P.A For Sponsoring This Meeting

April 20, 2012

Speaker: Clerk of Court Program.

The MCBA Thanks Comerica Wealth Management  For Sponsoring This Meeting

May 18, 2012 There will be no lunch meeting – please join us on May 19, 2012 for our Annual Banquet (Click on Events for more details)

August 17, 2012 In Honor of
Judge Stewart Hershey
(Retiring August, 2012)
September 21, 2012 Florida Supreme Court
Justice Peggy A. Quince
October 19, 2012 Florida Supreme Court,
Justice R. Fred Lewis
November 16, 2012 MCBA Holiday Kick-Off 36623
December 21, 2012 19th Circuit, Honorable
Chief Judge Steven J. Levin
January 18, 2013 US District Court
Southern District of Florida
Judge Daniel T. K. Hurley
February 15, 2013 MCBA Annual Bench-Bar Professionalism Program 1301193N
March 15, 2013 Major General, Clyde Tate 1301194N
April 19, 2013 Dean Robert Jerry Levin
College of Law
University of Florida
MCBA Annual Meeting
May 17, 2013 Gwynne Younge and Honor Past Presidents of MCBA 1304175N
August 16, 2013 William Loucks. “Practical and Ethical Tips for Avoiding Legal Malpractice Claims and Bar Grievances.” 1200391N
September 20, 2013 Robert S. Turk.  “Ethical Issues in Hiring, Supervising and Parting Ways with Law Firm Employees.” 1306753N
October 18, 2013 Jay Butchko with LexisNexis on Ethics in On-Line Marketing 38713
November 15, 2013 Judge Damoorgian 1308319N
December 20, 2013 1309324N
January 17, 2014 Judge Levin Martin County Bench Bar 1310307N
February 21, 2014 Hugo Teufel 1310308N
March 21, 2014 Florida Bar President, Eugene Pettis 1310309N
April 11, 2014 Chief Justice of Florida’s Supreme Court
Jorge Labarga
May 16, 2014 Diversity Moderated by Judge William Roby/FAWL 1310311N
August 15, 2014 Laurie Glover – Effective Client Communication 1305878N
September 19, 2014 Vicki Davis, Supervisors of Elections / Informed Voter’s Project 1405217N
October 17, 2014 Carolynn Timmann,
Clerk of Court & Comptroller
November 21, 2014 Greg Kastas, Partner with Jones Day 1407692N
December 19, 2014 Annual Martin County Bench – Bar Professional Meeting
(Meet & Greet the Judges of the 19th Circuit and 4DCA)
January 16, 2015 Kevin Winters, Assistant Inspector General for Investigations NASA
Office of Inspector General
February 20, 2015
(Lent Observed)
Fourth DCA, Judge Robert M. Gross 1408279N
March 20, 2015 Hugo Teufel, III 1408280N
April 17, 2015 R. Alexander Acosta, Dean of Florida International University College of Law 1408281N
May 15, 2015 The Honorable Robin L. Rosenberg 1408282N
August 21, 2015 Professor Michael Vastine and
Sui Chung, Esquire
September 25, 2015 Hon. Alan Forst Thank you to our sponsor: TD Bank
October 16, 2015 MCBA President Chad Hastings 1506966N
November 20, 2015 Tim Kinane Thank you to our sponsor: CenterState Bank
December 18, 2015 Florida Supreme Court, Chief Justice Jorge Labarga Thank you to our sponsor: Donaldson & Weston, P.A.
January 15, 2016 Chief Judge Elizabeth Metzger – State of the Circuit Thank you to our sponsor: Fogel Capital Management
February 19, 2016 4DCA Chief Judge Cory J. Ciklin 1408278N
March 18, 2016 Senator Joe Negron, Jr. 1600137N
April 15, 2016 Ramon Abadin, 2015 – 2016 Florida Bar President 1506956N
May 20, 2016 Thomas Bakkedahl Thank you to our sponsor: Complete Legal Investigations
August 19, 2016 Eve Samples, Stuart News Editor # 1605266N
September 16, 2016 Vicki Davis, Supervisor of Elections # 1606048N
October 21, 2016 Carolyn Timmann, Martin County Clerk of Court # 1601746N
November 18, 2016 Laura Ann Rosenbury, UF Law School Dean # 1606697N
December 16, 2016 Willie Gary, Attorney # 1606696N
January 20, 2017 Meet & Greet Judges of 19th Circuit # 1606695N
February 17, 2017 Mark Rodger, NFL & MLB Agent and Attorney # 1606698N
March 17, 2017 George LeMieux, Former U.S. Senator
Click here for presentation
# 1606694N
April 21, 2017 Florida Bar President, Bill Schifino # 1606693N
May 12, 2017 MCBA State of The Bar
Sponsor: TD Bank
# 1701724N
August 18, 2017 Program: Opioid Crisis  / Judge Levin
& Sheriff Snyder
Sponsor: CenterState Bank
CLE #1705125NCLE #1705125N1 General CLE / 1 Substance Abuse CLE Credit
September 15, 2017 Debbie Lundberg
Sponsor: Intelligent Office
October 20, 2017 John Stewart – Technology
Sponsor: Men’s Custom Clothier
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# 1606511N (1 General, 1 Technology CLE)
November 17, 2017 Magistrate Judge Shaniek Maynard
Sponsor: Campo Financial
# 17015124N (2 General, 2 Bias Eliminatin CLE)
December 15, 2017 UF College Law Professor, Mary Adkins
Sponsor: CenterState Bank
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# 1705123N
January 19, 2018 Meet & Greet Judges of 19th Circuit
Sponsor: Complete Legal Investigations
# 1705440N
February 16, 2018 Dr. Scott Weinstein
Sponsor: Men’s Custom Clothier
# 1708805N

1 General  / 0.5 Mental Illness / 0.5 Sbstance Abuse CLE

March 16, 2018 Charles W. Wolfram
Sponsor: Jaguar|LandRover Treasure Coast
Click here for presentation
# 1800977N

1 General CLE / 1 Ethics CLE

April 20, 2018 Florida Bar President, Michael Higer
Sponsor: CenterState Bank
# 1705121N
1 General CLE
May 11, 2018 MCBA State of The Bar
Sponsor: TD Bank
# 1705122N
1 General CLE
August 17, 2018 Program: Martin County Legal Update
Sponsor: Kogan and DiSalvo
#: 1702923N
1 General CLE
September 21, 2018 Speaker: Clerk of Court, Carolyn Timmann
Sponsor: Your Technology Partner
# 1702922N

1 General CLE / 1 Ethics CLE / 1 Technology CLE

October 19, 2018 Speaker: Cathy Shoemaker CPA, MBA, MST
Sponsor: Bob Goldfarb

1 General CLE

November 16, 2018 Speaker: Anthony Pullano
Sponsor: CenterState Bank

1 General CLE / 1 Technology CLE.

December 21, 2018 Speaker: Chief 4th DCA Judge Gerber
Sponsor: TBD

1.0 General CLE / 1.0 Ethics CLE

January 18, 2019 Speaker: Chief Judge Elizabeth A. Metzger and Meet & Greet The Judges
Sponsor: TBD

2.0 General CLE / 2.0 Technology CLE

February 15, 2019 Diversity Program
Speaker: Florida Supreme Court Justice Jorge Labarga
March 15, 2019
Speaker: Michelle Suskauer, Florida Bar President
Sponsor: CenterState Bank

1.0 General CLE

April 19, 2019 Speakers: Fatima Fowler & Michael Borlaug
Sponsor: TBD

1.0 General CLE / 1.0 Technology CLE

May 10, 2019
(Second Friday)
Program: State of the MCBA and Awards Program
Sponsor: TBD

1.0 General CLE

June, July No meeting
August 16, 2019 Speaker:  John Stewart, Florida Bar President

Sponsor:  Local IQ


1.0 General CLE / 1.0 Technology CLE

September 20, 2019 Speaker: Vicki Davis, Martin County Supervisor of Elections and John Lass, CEO, YMCA

Youth in Government

Sponsor:  Bob Goldfarb


1.0 General CLE Credit

October 18, 2019 Speaker:  Diamond Litty, Public Defender – 19th Judicial Circuit and Bruce Colton, State Attorney – 19th Judicial Circuit

Sponsor:  Owen Insurance Group


1.0 General CLE Credit

November 15, 2019 Speaker:  Florida Supreme Court Justice

Robert J. Luck

Sponsor:  The Pension Source


1.0 General CLE Credit

0.5 Certification Credit (State and Federal Government & Administrative Practice)

December 20, 2019 Speaker:  Carol Houwaart-Diez

President/CEO, United Way of Martin County

Sponsor:  Impact 100


1.0 General CLE Credit

January 17, 2020 Speaker:  19th Circuit Chief Judge Lawrence Mirman

Topic: State of the 19th Circuit

Annual Judges Meet & Greet


2.0 General CLE Credit

2.0 Technology CLE Credit

February 21, 2020 Speaker:  Simone Marstiller, Secretary Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Topic: Overview of Department of Juvenile Justice

Annual Diversity Program

Sponsor:  CenterState Bank


2.0 General CLE Credit

2.0 Bias Elimination CLE Credit

2.0 Juvenlie Law Certification Credit

March 20, 2020 Cancelled due to COVID19
April 17, 2020 Cancelled due to COVID 19
May 8, 2020 Cancelled due to COVID 19
August 21, 2020 Speaker:  Florida Supreme Court Justice Jorge Labarga

Topic: Role of the Judicial Branch during time of societal division


1.0 General

September 18, 2020 Speaker:  Giles Kibbe, SVP & General Counsel – Houston Astros, Crane Companies #2006465N

1.0 General

October 9, 2020 Speaker:  Thomas Parker, General Manager 4SPORTS Entertainment  #2007605N

1.0 General CLE

November 12, 2020 Speakers:  Congressman Brian Mast, Colonel Andrew Kelly, US Army Corp of Engineers & Ed Killer, TC Palm

Topic:  St. Lucie River & Estuary


1.0 General CLE

December 18, 2020 Speakers:  Dr. Theresa Albizu, Charles Trujullo, Esq., Dr. Jack Mitchell of SafeSpace #2009445N

1.0 General CLE

January 12, 2021 Speaker:  19th Circuit Chief Judge Lawrence Mirman

Topic: State of the 19th Circuit and Judges Meet-and-Greet


2.0 General

February 19, 2021 Speaker:  Willie E. Gary

Topic: Experience and Perspectives of his Career


1.0 General

1.0 Bias Elimination

March 19, 2021 Speaker:  Judge Spencer D. Levine, Fourth District Court of Appeals Chief Judge

Topic: COVID and the 4th DCA – Present and Future Challenges


1.0 General

March 23, 2021 19th Circuit Voluntary Bar Coalition Town Hall

Panelists:  FL Bar President – Dori Foster Morales; FL Bar Board of Governors Rep – Greg Weiss; 19th Circuit Chief Judge – Hon. Lawrence Mirman; 19th Circuit Bar Presidents Reif, Amos, Kibbey Wagner


1.0 General

March 26, 2021 Tri-County Appellate Seminar:  Conversations with the 4th District court of Appeals #2101925N

3.0 General CLE Credits

3.0 Appellate Practice Certification Credits

3.0 Criminal Appellate Law Certification Credits

March 30, 2021 Florida Bar Town Hall:  COVID-19 Court Operations and Recovery CLE #4651

1.0 General Credit

April 16, 2021 Speaker:  Andrea Andrus, Principal Andrus Communications

Topic:  Effective and Professional Marketing and Advertising for Lawyers using Technology

CLE # 2102893N

1.0 General Credit

April 20, 2021 Jury Trials in a New Age Roundtable

Panelists:  Judge Daryl Isenhower, Stephen Smit, Esq. Doreen Regent, Esq.

CLE #2103048N

1.0 General Credit

Certification Credits: 1.0 each – Appellate Practice, Civil Trial, Criminal Appellate Law, Criminal Trial Law, Juvenile Law

August 20, 2021 Speaker:  Tom Barnett, SVP and Divisional General Counsel, UnitedLex

Topic:  AI

CLE# 2105811N

1.0 General Credit

1.0 Technology Credit

September 17, 2021 Speaker:  Florida Supreme Court Justice Jamie Grosshans

Topic:  The Florida Constitution: Securing the Benerfits of our Constitutional Liberties

CLE # 2106975N

1.0 General Credit

October 15, 2021 Speaker:  Barry Richard, Esq.

Topic:  Bush v. Gore:

CLE #2107409N

1.0 General Credit

November 19, 2021 Speaker:  Judge Robert J. Luck

Topic: Martin County’s Legal Impact on State & Federal Law -Part 2

CLE #2108520N

0.5 General Credit

December  17, 2021 Speaker: Edwin T. Bell

Topic: Blueprint for Racial Justice

CLE #2109736N

1.0 General Credit

1.0 Bias Elimination Credit

January 21, 2022 Speaker: Ambassador Tatiana Gfoeller-Volkoff

Topic:  Afghan Women: Where are They Now?

CLE #2110403N

1.0 General CLE Credit

February 25, 2022 Speaker:  Michael Tanner, Esq.

Topic: Professionalism in the Legal Profession


1.0 General CLE Credit

1.0 Professionalism CLE Credit

March 11, 2022 Speaker:  Hon. Burton C. Conner

Topic: Per Curium Affirmed – Why

CLE #2200973N

1.0 General CLE Credit

April 15, 2022 Speaker: Hon. Aileen M. Cannon

Topic: More Sobriety & Less Ego in Legal Writing

CLE #2202286N

1.0 General CLE Credit

May 6, 2022 Speakers: Adam G. Schwartz

Topic:  State of the MCBA

Speaker:  Hon. Charles Schwab

Topic:  State of the 19th Circuit

CLE # 2202953N

1.0 General CLE Credit

August 19, 2022 Speakers:  Joanna Greene and Michelle Miller of Martin County Human Services

Topic:  Overview of Services Available

CLE # 2206090N

1.0 General CLE Credit

September 16, 2022 Speaker:  Hon. Carolyn Timman, Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller

Topic: Technology Enhancements and Updates

 CLE #2207185N

1.0 General CLE Credit

1.0 Technology CLE Credit

October 21, 2022 Speaker:  Mr. Gary Lesser, Esq., President – The Florida Bar

Topic:  State of the Florida Bar

 CLE # 6472

0.5 General CLE Credit

November 18, 2022 Speaker:  Laura Girlando, Dir. of Infant Mental Health – Tykes & Teens

Topic:  Trauma & Mental Health

CLE #2208932N

1.0 General CLE Credit

1.0 Mental Health CLE Credit

December 16, 2022 Speaker: Jenny Fields, Martin County Property Appraiser

Topic: Updates to the PA Office

CLE# 2210274N

1.0 General CLE Credit

January 20, 2023 Speaker: Hon. Charles A. Schwab, Chief Jude 19th Judicial Circuit

State of the 19th and Judges Meet and Greet

CLE # 2211181N

1.5 General CLE Credit

1.5 Professionalism CLE Credit

February, 17, 2023 Speaker:  Edwin Bell, Director of Racial Justice, Equity & Inclusion – National Center for State Courts

Topic:  Blueprint for Justice

CLE # 2300531N

1.0 General CLE Credit

1.0 Bias Elimination CLE Credit

March 24, 2023 Speaker: Dr. Kristie DeBlasio, PhD, MA, CCATP


CLE #2301948N

1.0 General CLE Credit

1.0 Mental Illness Credit

April 21, 2023 Speaker: Margaret “Peggy” Hewitt – Florida Mutual Insurance Company

Topic:  Legal Malpractice

May 12, 2023 Speaker:  Jeffrey M. Friedman – MCBA President

Topic:  State of the MCBA